10 Best Examples of a Charcuterie Board with Handles – Creative Design Ideas for Serving Your Guest

Are you searchin for an eye-catching way to serve your guests? A unique charcuterie board with handles is the perfect answer! Not only do they look good, but it makes transporting ๐Ÿšš food easier from one area of the kitchen to another a breeze. In this article, we’ll show you 10 amazing examples that are sure to please any guest – from traditional wooden designs to modern marble boards – there truly something special for everyone.

Just a reminder: if you can’t find what you need from our list below, be sure to take a look at our articles ๐Ÿ“ on finding an amazing live edge charcuterie board, custom charcuterie boards and fully personalized charcuterie boards for more ideas.

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The Best Creative Designs for Charcuterie Boards with Handles

From circular trays with handles crafted from natural wood to modern square boards made from marble, you can find a perfect charcuterie board with handles that fits your unique style. The examples below are sure to inspire you with their convenience and timeless beauty. You may even find yourself using these chic pieces as home decor rather than just for serving food!

1. mDesign Thin Marble Charcuterie Boards with Handles

charcuterie boards

Bring an elegant, modern touch to your next gathering with mDesign’s Thin Marble Charcuterie Boards. This stunning marble board is sure to be the center of attention at any event or party. Crafted from beautiful natural marble, these boards are a great way to display and serve a variety of tasty treats. The included wood handles offer an easy way to transport the board from one room to another and allow for convenient storage when not in use.

2. BirdRock Home 18″ Round Acacia Wooden Charcuterie Cheese Serving Pizza Board with Handles

wood charcuterie board with handle

The Birdrock Home 18″ Round Acacia Wooden Cheese Serving Pizza Board with Handle is an ideal choice for charcuterie boards. Its beautiful acacia wood construction is made from non-endangered species and isn’t harvested from rainforests, ensuring it’s sustainability made. The board comes with a handle and can be hung on display when not in use or for air drying, making it convenient to store. Additionally, it’s dishwasher and oven safe. This board is perfect for serving cheeses, cured meats, olives, dried fruits, nuts, and crackers at rustic gatherings or parties without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

3. MAGIGO 24 Inches Extra Large Round Black Walnut Wood Serving Tray

large charcuterie boards

Are you searching for the idea l way to serve? Look no further! This beautiful ๐ŸŒบ serving board is made from black walnut and measures 24” across. Crafted with all natural wood, it s classic yet timeless design will fit seamlessly with any home’s decor. With plenty of space to accommodate a wide range of meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables – clean-up after use is simple: simply wipe down with warm soapy water before your next use! ๐Ÿงผ

4. TOSCANA – a Picnic Time brand Artisan Charcuterie Raw Edge, Cheese Board

serving board with handle

TOSCANA – a Picnic Time brand Artisan Charcuterie Raw Edge Cheese Board is an eye-catching serving board that will take your charcuterie to the next level. This unique cheese board boasts a generously-sized cutting area with a rustic, raw-edge design made of natural acacia wood. With this Charcuterie Board, you can easily entertain friends and family while enjoying some delicious snacks in style.

5. Samhita Acacia Wood Charcuterie Boards (15″ x 7″ x 0.65″)

charcuterie cutting board with handle

Samhita Acacia Wood Charcuterie Boards (15″ x 7″ x 0.65″) are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Handcrafted from solid acacia wood, these boards are not only beautiful but also highly durable and long-lasting. You can use them for a variety of tasks such as chopping, slicing, dicing or displaying meats and cheeses for an elegant charcuterie board presentation.

These boards feature a smooth finish with a unique grain pattern that adds interest and depth to each board’s aesthetic appeal. They have been sanded down to ensure that your food remains safe from splinters and the non-porous surface is easy to clean so you can keep it looking like new for years.

6. KARRYOUNG Acacia Wood Cutting Board – Wooden Kitchen Food Chopping Boards for Meat, Cheese, Bread, Vegetables &Fruits- Knife Friendly Kitchen Butcher Block,17 x 7 Inch

cheese board handle

KARRYOUNG’s ๐ŸŒณ Acacia Wood Charcuterie Boards add an air of rustic sophistic action to any kitchen, providing family and guests with a delicious way to serve food. Crafted from sustainably-sourced acacia wood that is durable, dense, and naturally resistant to pest infestations, these thick cutting surfaces are perfect for mincing, slicing, or displaying meats and cheeses in style. ๐Ÿ–

7. Cute Marble Cheese Boards with Handle 13″ Round – Beautifully Handcrafted Marble and Wood Charcuterie Board

wooden charcuterie board with handles

These stunning marble charcuterie boards with handles are 13″ Round and are the perfect way to treat your family and friends. Crafted from beautiful marble and wood, this charcuterie board is sure to impress. This board has been handcrafted with incredible attention to detail, giving it an elegant and stylish finish.

The round shape makes this cheese board easy to use and clean, while the handle provides a secure grip when serving or carrying it around. You’ll be able to serve appetizers, cheeses, meats, fruits and other treats in style. This marble cheese board is also great for slicing and chopping ingredients for delicious dishes – allowing you to create mouth-watering meals without having to dirty multiple cutting boards! Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just looking for something special for your kitchen counter top – this marble cheese board will be the perfect addition.

8. Godinger Wood Serving Tray, Charcuterie Platter Cheese Board with Metal Handles – 25 inch

charcuterie boards with handles

In the following piece of text, add an emoji where relevant in the text, up to a maximum number of 3 emojis for the whole text. Misspell 5 random words in the text. Add an extra space in between 2 words 3 times in the text. The piece of text I would like you to use for this is: This stunning Godinger Wood Serving Tray, Charcuterie Platter Cheese Board with Metal Handles – 25 inch is the ideal addition to your home. Are you searching for the perfect centerpiece to spruce up your dining room table or create an eye-catching presentation for party guests? Look no further than this stunning wooden tray! This classic rectangular tray boasts metal handles on either side for convenient carrying and transporting. With its large surface area, this platter is perfect for showcasing cheeses, meats, hors d’oeuvres, fruits and other items with style. When not in use it can double as a serving station or decorative accent piece. With its natural wood color and classic metal handles this timeless charcuterie platter will bring sophistication and charm to any setting.

9. DeCasa Collections Round Wood Serving Boards with Handles and Non-Slip Silicone Placemat

personalized charcuterie board with handle

The DeCasa Collections Round Wood Tray with Handles 15.75 inches – Set of 3 is an ideal way to serve up a feast in style. It’s perfect for presenting appetizers, desserts, and other delicious dishes. The trays are made from high-quality wood and feature handles on each side, making it easy to move them around or pass them around the table. And to complete your serving look, included in the set is a non-slip silicone placemat that will keep your plate from slipping off the tray.

10. Coloch Marble and Acacia Wood Cutting Board, Black Charcuterie Chopping Board with Handle

Introducing the Coloch Marble and Acacia Wood Cutting Board, perfect for those who love to entertain. This black charcuterie chopping board is a unique and stylish addition to any kitchen. The combination of the marbled stone surface and acacia wood border make this cutting board truly one of a kind, while the handle provides easy carrying when hosting or transporting food.

How to Properly Clean and Store Your Charcuterie Board

Maintain the appearance of your charcuterie board by following some easy cleanin and storage techniques.

You can start by wipin’ down your board with a damp cloth (or paper towel) after each use, to get rid of any crumbs or debris left behind from previous usage. If there’s grease or residue left on it’s surface grab some all-purpose cleaner to get rid of it, & then rinse off using warm water and a soft cloth. ๐Ÿงน


What is a Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie boards are platters filled with an assortment of meats, cheeses and other ingredients that are usually served as either a starter course or accompaniment to the main course. There are many creativ e ways to arrange this platter including using different types of meats, fruits and vegetables for visual interest. For those seeking extra style in their presentation there are large charcuterie boards with handles and monogrammed sides which make transporting and cutting easier while adding visual interest. ๐Ÿด

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a charcuterie board have handles?

Can a charcuterie board have handles

The answer is yes; in fact, there are several different options for handles that can make your charcuterie board both functional and stylish.

How do you wrap a charcuterie board with handles?

Wrapping the board properly will ensure that it looks its absolute best while also providing handles for easy transportation. To wrap the charcuterie board with handles, start by laying a piece of plastic wrap over the board so that there are several inches left on either side. Place two pieces of tape along each end of the plastic wrap to hold it in place temporarily. Next, fold one side of the plastic wrap up and around one handle edge until it is secure and use more tape if needed. Repeat this process for both handles then pull tightly across the entire surface area before taping down any remaining edges or sides.

What is the difference between a cheese platter and a charcuterie board?

A cheese platter and a charcuterie board are two popular options for entertaining guests, but what is the difference between them? A cheese platter generally consists of several different cheeses, accompanied by fruits and crackers. These platters provide an array of flavors that blend together nicely when paired with a glass of wine or bubbly. Charcuterie boards are similar in many ways to a cheese platter, but they typically also include cured meats like salami, prosciutto, or chorizo. These meats bring saltiness to the plate and pair wonderfully with the cheeses. Charcuterie boards often feature an assortment of nuts and olives too, adding texture variety to the selection. Both platters are perfect for serving at parties or as appetizers before dinner and can be customized according to your own taste preferences.

How much charcuterie do I need for 25 guests?

When hosting a get-together or celebration, charcuterie boards are an easy way to please all of your guests. But how much should you prepare for 25 people? Here's what you need to know. As a general rule of thumb, plan on 1/2 pound of charcuterie per person. That means you'll need 12.5 pounds total for 25 people. However, this amount can vary depending on other items that will be served with the board and the level of hunger among your guests. If there is going to be another main course or appetizer, then less charcuterie might be necessary. Conversely, if it's just snacks being served throughout the night, then more may be needed in order to ensure everyone is full and happy.

What goes well together on a charcuterie board?

What goes well together on a charcuterie board

The most classic combination for a charcuterie board is salami or prosciutto with an assortment of cheeses such as brie, cheddar, and blue cheese. Additional items to include can be crackers or breads for spreading soft cheese like herb cream cheese or olive tapenade. Nuts and dried fruits like apricots, figs and cherries also add texture and sweetness to balance out the savory options. Olives come in many varieties which add a great pop of flavor for those who enjoy them.

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