Your Guide to Finding The Best Live Edge Cutting Board

Your Guide to Finding The Best Live Edge Cutting Board

Buying a live edge cutting board is an exciting way to add a statement piece for your kitchen. In this article we’ll go over some reasons why you should get one of these beautiful cutting boards, as well as different things to keep in mind when looking for one.

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What is a Live Edge Cutting Board?

A live edge cutting board is a single piece of wood sourced from a downed tree and crafted by skilled artisans. Generally speaking, it has one long edge that displays the outer surface of the tree’s trunk or major branch after the bark has been removed. Live edge cutting boards are well suited for use in food preparation or as a serving tray, and they make a beautiful addition to any kitchen countertop or dining room table. They come in a variety of wood species, such as maple, walnut, and elm, and are available in small, medium, and large sizes. They can also be used as charcuterie boards, sushi serving trays, cake or pie serving plates, and more.

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Benefits to Having Your Own Live Edge Wood Cutting Board

Aesthetics aside, these boards tend to be highly durable and long-lasting. Plus, depending on the design you get, you can really add a custom touch to your home. Here are some other reasons why adding one of these boards might be worth considering for your residence: 🎨

They Look Beautiful

Live edge wood cutting boards πŸͺ΅πŸ½οΈ are captivating due to their distinctive aesthetic and texture. The natural shape and form of the wood makes each board one-of-a kind, while its live edge adds an additional dimension to its unique grain patterns and colors. Live edges offer a truly one-of-a kind cutting board experience!

They Are Highly Durable

A key benefit offered by live edge wood cutting boards is that they are highly durable in nature. Due to their construction from solid wood, it can withstand more wear and tear than other boards or plastic surfaces. This makes it ideal for both everyday use in the home as well as professional kitchens where it will be used on a regular basis.

They Transform Your Kitchen or Dinning Table by Adding a Unique Focal Point

Live edge wood cutting boards provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional way to bring the beauty of nature right into the middle of your home. Not only do they offer practicality in preparing food, but they also add a focal point to your kitchen or dining table.

They Are Easy to Care For

One of the greatest advantages of owning a live edge wood cutting board πŸͺ΅is that it requires minimal upkeep. Sure, after using it for a while, you’ll need to oil it a bit, but nature 🌳 has already provided a strong, durable surface. All that needs to be done to keep your board looking new is washing with mild soup and warm water after each use. Alternatively (as we briefly alluded to earlier), applying mineral oil once every couple months will give it an extra shine and protect the wood from damage. 🍽️

They Can Be Personalized

One of the major advantages of live edge cutting boards is their customizable nature. Not only can you choose from various shapes and sizes to match your decor, but you also have the option to personalize the look by adding artwork or engraving a special message 😍. These wooden boards make ideal gifts or just an expression of yourself in your own home – so if you want something truly special that will last for years, creating your own live edge wood cutting board is definitely worth considering!

Along those lines, if you really do want an incredible custom piece designed (like a personalized charcuterie board with handles, we recommend you see the ones available here at Cowboy

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Online Inspiration to Help You Find The Best Live Edge Cutting Board

When looking for the ideal cutting board, there’s no shortage of inspiration online πŸ–₯️. From rustic wood accents to sleek modern designs, there is something that fits both your style and budget. That is why we’ve curated this list πŸ€” of some of the best live edge designs so that you can get some fantastic ideas: πŸ’‘

The Black Walnut Customized Charcuterie Board

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These boards are crafted out of beautiful live-edge walnut and customized to the customer’s specs. Whether they want to add their name, a specific slogan or other design, this board is sure to be a show-stopper when it’s revealed for guests and family to see.

Available in a variety of different options, this is a functional piece of art.

Live Edge Walnut Cutting Board

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This American Amish handmade cutting board πŸͺš is the ideal addition to any kitchen. Crafted from live-edge black walnut wood 🌲, each cutting board offers an exquisite natural wood design 🎨. At 24″ x 18″ x 1.5″, there’s plenty of room for all your slicing and dicing needs πŸ’ͺ.

The robust construction of the wood guarantees it will remain durable for many years, offering a secure workspace to prepare food due to its antibacterial properties 🦠. Its non-toxic finish makes it easy on knives πŸ”ͺ and resists staining or warping over time, preserving its natural look for years of use πŸ•°οΈ.

GoCraft Wooden Round Cutting Board with Tree Bark Rim

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This GoCraft Wooden Round Cutting Board with Tree Bark Rim 🌳🍴 is the ideal addition to any kitchen. Crafted from natural wood and featuring a gorgeous tree bark rim, its aesthetic will surely please any home chef. Whether you’re prepping food for yourself or entertaining guests, this cutting board makes an excellent choice for any cook.

FEATHERLEE – Premium Natural Live Edge Acacia Serving Cutting Charcuterie Board With Handle

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This FEATHERLEE premium natural live edge acacia serving cutting charcuterie board can adds an extra layer of rustic beauty to your kitchen that you don’t get with other products. The durable construction also means that this charcuterie board will last for years of beautiful service. Whether entertaining guests or having an intimate dinner for two, this charcuterie board is sure to be a conversation starter! The unique handle makes it easy to carry and present your favorite meats, cheeses and fruits in style.

THE LIVE EDGE – Olive Wood Long Charcuterie Board

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This gorgeous Live Edge olive wood long charcuterie board is ideal for entertaining guests, or simply making mealtime more enjoyable. Handcrafted from ethically sourced solid olive wood, the Live Edge adds a natural and elegant touch to every occasion.

THE LIVE EDGE – Beautiful Charcuterie Board with Resin White

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This handcrafted board boasts a natural wood edge with resin white inlays that make it an impressive presentation piece for your hors d’oeuvres. 😍 Not only does it make for stunning presentation, but its durability and long lasting quality make it suitable for everyday use as well. πŸ™Œ

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Live Edge Cutting or Charcuterie Board

If you’d rather make something unique for yourself, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the steps necessary to create an heirloom piece that can be used for years. From serving cheese and crackers πŸ§€ to holding charcuterie meats πŸ– and cheeses πŸ§€ or simply as decoration in your kitchen 🍽️ – this project is sure to impress! With basic woodworking knowledge and appropriate tools, anyone can easily craft their own live edge cutting or charcuterie board in no time! Let’s get started! πŸ› οΈπŸͺš

Step 1: Choose the wood for your cutting board

When selecting live edge wood cutting boards, there are a few different wood types to choose from. Maple, walnut and elm are the most popular chosies; however some may prefer something more unique like cherry or sycamore. Each wood type offers its own distinct look and feel so you should carefully consider which one suits your needs best. 😊

Step 2: Cut the wood for your cutting board

Cutting a live edge wood cutting board is a simple process that requires just a few tools and steps. Begin by measuring the length and width of the cutting board that you would like to make. Cut the wood to the desired dimensions using a miter saw. Then, sand the wood to create a smooth surface. Use a belt sander to create a uniform finish. Now, use a chisel to carve the edges of the cutting board, creating the desired live edge shape.

From there you can always make personalized charcuterie board with handles by drilling some holes & adding some drawer pulls to be used as handles.

Step 3: Apply Oil

Finish the live edge cutting board by applying a coat of food-safe mineral oil. Allow the oil to fully absorb into the wood before applying another coat. Repeat this step until you have applied three coats of oil.

To maintain your cutting board, use a solvent-free wood wash care or wax care product and re-apply mineral oil as needed.

You can now proudly use your live edge wood cutting board in your kitchen!

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