Destroy This Notebook – A Sarcastic Journal complete with Memes & Negative Prompts

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This “burn after writing” style of guided journal is a tongue in cheek mockery of all things self-help.

It grabs your hand and drags you into a snarky, sarcastic journey through the process of dealing with negative emotions.

In fact, it manages to get right down into the muck of your deepest melancholic mood, providing just the right amount of realism, sarcasm and – wait for it – cynicism(!) to help release even the deepest seated roots of bitterness.

Though a unique blend of memes, caustic comments and jokery it gives you safe harbour along your journey through negativity.

Enjoy a laugh as you revel in this un-sanctimoinous tome that openly mocks the rituals people display while worshiping at the shrine of positivity.

So go ahead, lose your mind.

Write, scribble, scrawl and otherwise deface this journal as you’re blinded with rage.

Get it all down on paper.

When you’re done, you can even burn this book to fully complete the exorcism.

And who knows? Maybe the ridiculousness found in these pages will even cause your crusty, anger strained face to crack a slight smile in the process.

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