The Fuck Around and Find Out Shirt – Featuring This Unique Design

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What is the Fuck Around and Find Out Shirt design?

The Fuck Around and Find Out Shirt is a shirt that (just like it sounds) features the phrase “Fuck around and find out.” It most often comes in white letters on a black background, but with the unique source we found, you can get the logo in a variety of different colors.

Here are the Best Current FAAFO Designs Available Online

Currently, the best designs we’ve found for this come from

They have two different versions available, the classic FAAFO and then a version featuring a semi truck.

fuck around and find out

fuck around and find out shirt

Faafo origin – Where did the phrase F Around and find out Come from?

The internet is divided on the origin of the saying.

Some say that it came from the Gadsden Flag featuring a crocodile saying “fuck around and find out.” There have since been many different flags and versions of this saying.

The saying seems to have gained a lot of popularity since 2020 with many different social media posts that used this phrase having gone viral, due to the making of various memes. (An example is this post here, featuring the Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty.)

There have also been a variety of different videos posted about it including this Tiktok video that went viral, and a song by Bryan Martin:

At any rate, the saying seems to be gaining in popularity.

How can you get the F Around and Find Out Shirt?

Step 1: Go to The Website

To purchase the Fuck Around and Find Out Shirt, you can head on over to the website.

Step 2: Click on the product

Once you’re there, you can simply find the style shirt you like (click here for the different style & color options).

Step 3: Select the size and color from the form

The Fuck Around and Find Out Shirt is available in a range of sizes and colors. To choose the right size for you, consult the size chart on the product page. To select your color, simply click on the color you want from the options listed. Remember, there are different logo color options, as well as different tshirt color options – so you can customize the look to fit your personal style and preference.

Step 4: Click on the add to cart button

Once you’ve found the logo color that you like, select the size & tshirt color and add it to your shopping cart..

Step 5: Enter your shipping information

Once you’ve done that, you can check out and enter your shipping information.

Step 6: Enter Your Payment Information

Once you’re ready, you can select the level of shipping service you’d like (Cowboy Customs offers free shipping) and then you can pay securely via Stripe.

What is the meaning of the Fuck Around and Find Out Shirt?

The shirt means to blow out and have some fun, as well as to explore and find out more. Right now, it’s become a saying that can reference popular memes, in addition to advertising that someone shouldn’t be messed with. In recent times, it’s become a saying often repeated by people having more of a right wing point of view.


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