Nose Frida Review : Does This Snot Sucker Actually Work?

nose frida snot sucker review
In this Nose Frida review we go over this snot sucker and see how to use it, whether it works or not and what others are saying about it.

Thousands of people have been talking about the Nose Frida, from personal reports to celebrities like Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom, and which has inspired us to do this nose frida review.

nose frida


NoseFrida the SNOT SUCKER

The NoseFrida is a device that’s used to remove mucus from your child’s nose. It’s easy to use and many people have found it to be very effective at quickly clearing up any blockages. The NoseFrida is also very safe, with a BPA and phthalate-free design.

Most people have found the Nose Frida to be a great tool, while others didn’t like using it.

So let’s investigate this tool a little more.

The Nose Frida Product Description

The NoseFrida is the first doctor-invented nasal aspirator that actually works. It’s a Snotsucker, as we like to call it, and it’s made of high quality materials that are safe for both you and your child. The NoseFrida comes with a removable filter which should be replaced after each use.

We recommend using a saline solution before using the NoseFrida in order to loosen thick mucus so it can be pulled out more easily.

How It Worksnose frida review

The Nose Frida is inserted into one nostril while the you suck on the other end.

This creates a suction which pulls the mucus out of the baby’s nose.

Because it’s fairly gengle it can be used by children who aren’t old enough yet to blow their own noses, as well as adults with certain medical conditions.

How to use the NoseFrida

The NoseFrida is a nasal aspirator that uses gentle suction to remove snot from the nose. It’s safe for baby and not harmful to parent or caregiver who is sucking the snot out.

Before using the NoseFrida, put a couple drops of saline solution in each nostril to loosen any thick mucus.

Once you’ve done that, fit the soft tip gently into your baby’s nose and create a seal between your mouth and the other end of the tip. Gently suck on the mouthpiece while depressing the plunger.

You don’t have to worry about hurting your baby with the NoseFrida – it’s often a little uncomfortable as it’s a new sensation, but it’s not as bad as you might think!

Product Specifications

The Nose Frida is 5 inches long, 5 inches high, and 2 inches wide. It is made of BPA & phthalate-free plastic and does not require a battery.

The Nose Frida Review – Our Final Thoughts

We feel the NoseFrida is is a tool that everyone should have and try.

Thousands of people have used nose frida with great results. But like any product with this many reviews, there are always going to be a few negative ones too.

Most of the negative ones are based on the baby crying as the snot was sucked out.

And it’s a new sensation for them, which they might find a little scary. But we feel that not being able to breathe properly is a problem that’s worse than being in some momentary discomfort.

Along those lines, the process of removing the snot can be pretty disgusting, but it does have its benefits!

After all, it can help your child breathe easier which will let both children and parents to get some much-needed sleep. Because when a baby has a cold and can’t breathe well, they tend to cry all night.

Although it can be tricky to keep baby still while cleaning her/him up, it’s worth it when you know how much better they will feel after the process is complete.

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When people were looking for information on the nose frida and related nose frida reviews, they often asked these questions as well:

Why Should You Clean Your Baby's Nose?

Why Should You Clean Your Baby's Nose

It's important to clean your baby's nose regularly to help them eat and breathe better. A blocked-up nose can make it difficult for a baby to eat, and they may not be able to breathe as well. Cleaning your baby's nose is especially important if they're struggling to eat. If their nose is congested with mucus, it will be difficult for them to take in food and oxygen. Fortunately, there are products available to help parents clean their baby's noses easily. The Nose Frida, for example, is a hit among mothers according to reviews on Amazon. This product was invented in response to parents who needed an easier way for their babies to blow their noses.

Can you suction mucus out of nose?

Is NoseFrida safe for newborn?

Is NoseFrida safe for newborn

Yes, the NoseFrida is absolutely safe for newborns. There's no danger of suctioning out too much mucus –– in fact, the NoseFrida actually helps prevent newborns from developing sinus infections by keeping their nasal passages free from congestion. Plus, it's so much gentler (and effective) than those rubber bulb syringes.

Are nasal aspirators any good?

Are nasal aspirators any good

Yes, nasal aspirators are effective in removing mucus from a baby's nose. Mucus can cause a baby to feel congested and uncomfortable, and can also make it difficult for the baby to breathe. A nasal aspirator is a tool that can be used to remove the mucus from a baby's nose. Nasal aspirators come in two varieties: manual and electronic. Manual nasal aspirators require you to suck the mucus out of the baby's nose, while electronic nasal aspirators use a motor to create suction. Both types of nasal aspirators are effective in removing mucus from a baby's nose.

Does the frida nose sucker work well?

Frida nose suckers have a lot of satisfied customers who say they work well. Some people have had trouble with them, but that seems to be in the minority. If you're looking for an easy and (relatively) inexpensive way to clear your baby's stuffy nose, a Frida nose sucker is definitely worth considering!

How many times per day can I use a snot sucker?

You can use a snot sucker up to four times per day. However, be sure to follow the instructions that come with your device, as suctioning too frequently can irritate your nose and make your cold worse. Additionally, remember to clean the snot sucker after each use - just like you would any other type of medical equipment.


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