Nimalist Wallet Review – Is This Store Legit?

Nimalist Wallet Review - Is This Store Legit?

nimalist wallet reviewAre you searching for a minimalist wallet that will hold only the essentials, you may be wonderring if Nimalist store is worth your time and mony. In this nimalist wallet review, we’ll take an in-depth look at their selection, prices, and quality to help you decide if this is the right place to shop. 😊

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What is Nimalist Store?

Nimalist is an online store founded in late 2020 that sells everyday carry items.

These items include a variety of small products like wallets and Apple AirTag accessories.

The Nimalist Wallet Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

The Nimalist is an online shop that looks like a legitimate website at first glance. But there are several red flags that should make you wary.

nimalist card walletIt’s Claimed That Nimalist Has a Fake Company Profile and History

After InputMag’s article circulated online, it looks like Nimalist has fabricated its company profile and history. InputMag reported the existence of taken inauthentic information on Nimalist, prompting customers to highlight this behavior in other AirTag Wallet online stores.

InputMag discovered that Nimalist had been using other websites’ content without attribution up until recently. The brand Nomad had its entire “about us” page fully and verbatim plagiarized by Nimalist Store.

This is the page that InputMag claims was copied (but it has since been changed).

The original Nomad “About Us” page:

The current Nimalist “About Us” page:

nimalist wallet reviews

Nimalist Store Lack of Business Information for Communication

In searching the Nimalist store, it’s hard to find a telephone number, or a business street address.

And while that’s not necessarily rare for a lot of websites that do business online, it does seem to indicate the Nimalist isn’t necessarily a bricks & mortar business.

best minimalist walletNimalist Is Ultimately a Dropshipping Company

Dropshipping 🚚 is a business model in which online entrepreneurs sell products without maintaining inventory. When an e-commerce store owner receives an order from a customer, they simply contact the supplier who will then ship the items directly to their doorstep. Dropshipping provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to launch an online business without needing large investments up-front.

Nimalist is a dropshipping business, meaning they don’t maintain inventory but instead rely on the manufacturer to pack and send the item directly to the buyer.

Although there is nothing wrong with that, many manufacturers in China tend to have longer delivery times for customers. 🕰️

Nimalist Store Reviews – Poor Reviews and Low Customer Satisfaction Rate

If you’re looking for an online review platform, TrustPilot is a great option. Trustpilot is a website where customers can leave reviews about their experiences with a company. The reviews are then displayed on the company’s page on TrustPilot. It is a great way to get unbiased feedback from customers. The reviews are honest and transparent, which helps companies improve their products and services and help the customer have a deep background on the company being reviewed. In addition, TrustPilot is free to use, so both businesses of all sizes and customers can benefit from it.

When you check Nimalist store reviews on TrustPilot, you will be surprised by a huge number of customers complaining about the services and products they’d received from the Nimalist Store.

In fact, the TrustPilot rating for the Nimlist Store is only 1.2 out of 5 stars with  95% of the reviews being only one star which is very bad.

Some of the Reviews on TrustPilot about Nimalist include the following:

Mel: September 04, 2022

Products are of poor quality. I believe I received a second hand wallet as it was very worn. I have emailed Nimalist three times with no response.

David Acci: September 04, 2022

Terrible company and products. The quality is less than a dollar store and they have no communication.

There is no support or ability to return the product. They will lie to your credit card company and they should be out of business by now but you can’t even leave a google review.

Blake: September 01, 2022

Corrupt business practices. The wallet is cheaply built. There are better built wallets of the same type.

They will not respond to customer support emails. They refuse to respond. I reported them to Better Business bureau. They didn’t respond to the BBB.

Corrupt business. They will not help you with a return, with an exchange, or with warranty. Stay clear!

Thomas: August 31, 2022

Total ripoff! Bought two wallets, and one of them fell apart after 3 weeks. I have sent four requests to customer service, but no answer.

I can see that I’m not the only one with this experience. This is scam, dont order anything from this company!!!

Mack K: August 28, 2022

Awful fraudsters. Paid $76 Aussy for a ‘leather wallet’ that ripped apart in 6 months and the company had the gall to block my comment and message on Facebook. What a rip off!

best titanium minimalist walletIt Seems Nimalist Has Fake and Misleading Reviews on their Website

According to trusted review websites like TrustPilot, Nimalist has really a bad reputation based on their customer, however, if you go and check the reviews on their own website it only has good reviews (which is very suspicious).

Some Reviews you can find on their website are the following:

2/28/21 – Andy Harrison

Absolutely Perfect… This wallet is absolutely perfect. You can easily fit more than 10 cards, some cash in the middle slot and an ID / driver’s license . The materials are high quality and it feels comfortable in your pocket. Don’t know what else to say. The drivers license is perfectly secure inside but doesn’t stick when you try to pull it out. Great wallet. Very very happy with the purchase.

12/26/21 – Jesse Wilderman

Solves Airtags bulkiness problem for wallets. Air tag fit perfectly. Snap secured air tag without issues. Solves issue of air tags being basically unusable without some kind of holder bought separately. The front pocket for the air tag helps keep the wallet a manageable thickness while holding it securely.

05/07/22 – Bryan Lane

The best purchase!! I really enjoy this product because it is way smaller than my current bifoldwallet. It can fit multiple cards and even has the airtag feature, which is perfect because I always lose my wallet… This wallet is super nice and i love the carbon fiber finish! I will definitely be buying from them again and will probably get one for my dad for fathers day!

4/23/22 – Jeff Robin

Minimalist and Reliable. This wallet is awesome! I have owned it for a couple weeks now and it’s easily the thing I needed in my life. It’s small, compact, looks nice, and holds all that I need without clumping up my pocket.

02/06/22 – James Johnson

Best Wallet I’ve had. This is definitely the best wallet I’ve had since switching from a full size wallet to a slim money clip type! The material seems sturdy and like it will hold up for many years. Unlike the previous money clip types I replace almost yearly. I really like the credit card pop up feature. No more trying to fish a card out from the slots.

airtag pro minimalist walletIs a Nimalist Wallet Worth Your Time and Money?

Overall – and with all things considered – we wouldn’t recommend buying anything from the Nimalist store. While they do have a wide selection of products, due in part at least to the number of bad customer reviews …it seems that buying from them just isn’t worth the risk.

In addition to – and beyond that that – the reports about their customer service not being up to par with other stores is another red flag for us.

How to Look for a Legit Online Store to Buy Your New Wallet?

When researching an online store, 👀 there are a few steps you can take to guarantee you’re dealing with an established company. The initial step should be researching the store and reading reviews from other customers about their experiences.

Another way to figure out if an online store is legit is by actually looking at & inspecting its website. A professionally designed site is easy to spot, having a clear layout, user-friendly menus & eye-appealing graphics. In addition to that, contact information for the business should be available on the site.

One last thing to keep in mind when shopping online for something, is to consider paying with either your credit card or through a Paypal account. Doing this gives you an extra layer of protection in case there are any issues with your order or the payment you’ve made. By following at least some of the tips that we’ve listed here, it’ll dramatically help & improve your odds of figuring out if you’re actually dealing with a real company or not.

best nimalist wallet review5 Best Stores to Buy Your Wallet (Offline and Online)

If you’re on the search for a wallet, odds are good that you’re wondering where the best place to buy one. After our negative review of nimalist store, this may be your only concern.

If that’s the case, don’t worry – we have everything you need! 😃

Here are five of the best online stores to consider purchasing your wallet from:

Cowboy Customs

This store offers some fantastic products and is an excellent and one of the best alternatives for the Ridge wallet.

In fact, they currently have a special promotion where you can get one of these wallets for FREE!


🛍️ Are you searching for a stylish yet budget-friendly wallet? Amazon is an excellent starting point. With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be one perfect wallet that meets all of your requirements.

Of course, with that being, said there are still a few things to consider when searching for the ideal wallet on Amazon:

  • Before beginning your search for a wallet, it’s essential to first consider your budget. There are wallets available at all price points, so it’s essential to set an initial limit before diving in.
  • Second, decide what style of wallet you’re searching for. Do you prefer a classic leather wallet or something more modern? Either way, Amazon has plenty of both to choose from.
  • Finally, take into account the features you require from a wallet when making your choice. Do you require space for cash and cards, or just cards? Or do you require something with RFID blocking capabilities? Make sure to read product descriptions thoroughly to guarantee the wallet meets all your requirements.


eBay offers an incredible selection of wallets 💼 to choose from, offering somethin’ perfect for everyone’s style and budget. Whether you prefer somethin’ classic and sleek or vibrant and funky, eBay has it all – plus prices startin’ at just $5 💸! Don’t wait any longer – start your hunt now! 🛍️


Macy’s offers an xpansive selection of wallets in all shapes, sizes and colors 🛍️ – so you’re sur to find the one prefect for you. Whether you prefer traditional lather or something more unique 💼, Macy’s has it all at great prices so that you can afford 💰 more than one!


👜 If you’re in search of a new wallet, Nordstrom is an excellent place to look. They carry various styles, colors and sizes of wallets in all different shapes and sizes – whether just something simple for holding ID and credit cards or something more elaborate with compartments for coins – there’s sure to be something there that meets your needs.

Nordstrom is renowned for their superior customer service. If you’re unsure which wallet is ideal for you, their helpful sales staff will be delighted to guide you towards finding the ideal option – and they’ll even gift wrap it at no extra charge!


Nomad is an excellent place to shop for your new 💼 wallet. Their extensive selection of styles and colors guarantee that you’ll find the perfect wallet. Additionally, Nomad provides wallets with various features like RFID protection for credit cards.

When people were looking for a great Nimalest wallet review, they often had these questions as well:

Does Nimalist offer refunds?

Nimalist claims to have a pretty great guarantee, return policy, and warranty, but most people complain that they never get a refund. In fact, many who have asked for refunds never even get a response. At best, the reports we've heard is that if they do get a response - there is a huge delay.

What is the importance of audience insights market research?

As the world of markting and advertizing evolves, companies need to have a thorough understandng of their target audience. One effectve way to do this is through audience insights and market research. Through this kind of analysis, companies gain an intimate knowledge of their ideal consumers - their needs, wants, and how they make purchasing decisons - which allows for developing marketing strategies and campaigns tailored specifically for specific groups. 😊

What is a pocket bifold wallet?

Pocket bifold wallets are small enough to carry in your pocket and usually made of leather or fabric with a fold-over flap that secures with either snap or Velcro closure. Inside, these wallets usually offer multiple compartments for cash, credit cards and ID - perfect for those who only need a few things with them! They're slim and lightweight so they slip easily into pockets without adding too much bulk. 😎

What is a card case?

Card cases are small rectangular boxes made of metal, wood or plastic that store and protect credit cards. Although card cases come in various sizes and shapes, their primary function remains unchanged: to keep your cards safe and organized. In some cases, these cases may even feature RFID blocking materials for added protection. 🔒

What are popular wallets designs in the market today?

What are popular wallets designs in the market today?

Today, many wallet designs are available. The trai-fauld wallet is one of the most popular choices; it features three compartments - one for bills, cards and coins - usually made out of leather with either snap or button closure. Another popular choice is zip-around wallet which has a zipper around its perimeter to keep belongings secure. 🛍️

Why are minimalist wallets better?

Why are minimalist wallets better?

Minimalist wallets 🎒 are often seen as superior to traditional ones for several reasons. Not only do they help prevent wallet bulge, which can occur when carrying around too many cards and cash, but they're also typically more comfortable to wear since there's less bulk involved.

Which pocket should hold your wallet?

Which pocket should hold your wallet?

No single answer exists to this qustion; it all comes down to personal prefrence. Some people prefere keeping their wallet in their front pocket for convenience, while others keep it in their back pocket for security. Ultimately, it's up to each individual which pocket works best for them - in our opinion, carry your wallet in your front pocket. 🤔

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