The Breaking Bad Lego Set You Never Knew You Needed

The Breaking Bad Lego Set You Never Knew You Needed

breaking bad lego setAre you a fan of Brea👀king👀 Bad? Lego may just have the perfect solution for you: their Breaking Bad Lego set! Packed full with your favorite🍟 characters such as Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Gustav o Fring as well as iconic locations from the show such as Walter’s house and meth lab; this set provides an ideal opportunity to relive favorite scenes or even come up with your ow n!

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The Breaking Bad Lego Set Minifigure

breaking bad meth lab lego

Given that Lego will never produce an official Breaking Bad kit, others have stepped up to create the Breaking Bad Lego Lab Playset as the best alternative. Gustavo Fring’s industrial laundry superlab, which was exquisitely detailed, is equipped with all the amenities you’d expect from a multimillion-dollar meth lab. There are more than 500 parts in this set, some of which have amazing decals, and three unique minifigs: Walter White, Gustavo Fring, and Mike Ehrmantraut. Build it and reenact some of the greatest moments; a box cutter may or may not be included.

Lego Breaking Bad MOC RV

breaking bad crystal ship lego

In the hit television show Breaking Bad, Walter White’s RV is where he cooks his meth. Now, you can build your own LEGO replica of the RV!

This model is a great way to display your love for the show, and it’s also a cool conversation piece. The RV is highly detailed and features plenty of room for Minifigures. You can even put your own Minifigures in the RV and pretend to cook meth! The internal structure of the BreakBad Car Building Kit is extremely stable and is made of high-quality ABS that has received CPC certification and test results. It is also non-toxic, odor-free, BPA-free, smooth, and burr-free.

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, this LEGO MOC is a must-have. It’s a great addition to any LEGO collection, and it makes for a fun display piece. Order yours today!

Lego Breaking Bad Video Game Playset

breaking bad lego set review

Watch Here

What is Lego?

Lego was inventd in 1932 by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansn as a construction toy consisting of plastic bricks that can be clicked together to form structures. Its name comes from Danish words meaning “play well”, thus inspiring its name “Lego.” 😄

With its simple design and colorful pieces, Lego has quickly become a wildly popular toy around the world, enjoyed both by children and adults. There are now various Lego sets available, from simple designs to intricate models that may take hours to construct. 😍

LEGO can provide both children and adults with hours of fun! From collaborate projects with your children to solo endeavors that challenge and occupy them for hours on end, Lego is a wondrful choice that offers hours of creativity and entertainment. 🤩


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The Benefits of Playing with Custom Lego

Lego Lab Set Help Develop Spatial Abilities

Lego 🎁 Lb sets are an effective 🌟 way for adults to explore spatial relationships. By building houses, towers and other structures from Lego 🌈 Lab sets and experimenting with different arrangement of pieces they gain an understand ing of how things fit together in three-dimen sional space. Not only are Lego Lab sets beneficial in developing spatial skills but they’re also great 🎉 fun!

Breaking Bad Lab Legos Helps in Constructive Play and Encourages Mathematical Ability

Lab Legos are a type of Lego that allows you to build working models of chemical labs. They are a great way for you to learn about basic chemistry and math concepts. Using Lab Legos also encourages constructive play, which has been shown to improve problem-solving skills.

One study found that a person who used Lab Legos had better math scores than those who did not use them. This is likely because the act of building and operating the Lego labs requires the person to use mathematical concepts such as measurement and volume.

LEGO Play Develops Alter Ego and Problem Solving

Life requires us to ad apt quickly to changing situations. Pla ying LEGO can help adults develo p these es sentia🦊l abi🔙ities.

Building with LEG O allows children to exp lore different pers🙆‍♂️nalities and explore how the y might react in various scenarios. Adults playing alongside children must constantly problem solve; trying to figure out how best to assemble pieces together and en sure stable designs. This form of play is beneficial to all ages as it develops crucial lifelong skills that they’ ll use later.

LEGOs Teach People to Deal with Frustration and Enjoy Adventure

D r. David Levy from the University of Washington conducted a stud y that demonstrated how playing with LEGOs can help individuals overcome frustration whil e engaging in fun adventur🌴s. Dr. Levy and his team asked participants to build LEGO models whil e being timed; resu lts indicated those able to complete fast er builds were more likely to persevere when faced with fru🤖stration.

Custom Lego Breaking Bad Sets Teach People to Follow Written Instructions

At a time when people are constantly exposed to an abundance of choices and information, being able to follow written instructions has never been more crucial. While this skill may be chall👽nging to mast👹r for some individuals, Lego play can teach pe🌝ple this art by breakng tasks down into manageable steps that make following written instructions easier.

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Citizen Brick Breaking Bad Develops Teamwork and Social Skills

Legos require both cooperation and communication to build something great 🤝, teaching you both teamwork skills as well as problem solving and creative thinking abilities 🧩. By joining forces and communicating 🤝, this game teaches children to work towards common goals together while developing both cognitive abilities and problem-solving techniques 🤔.

Playing with Legos helps develop both academic and professional skills that will enable people to achïeve süssess later on in their lives 🎓. By developing them now, people are setting themselves up for future süssess in life 🚀.

Legos Encourage Concentration

Legos require the plaÿër to utilize both their hands and minds when building something with them 👐🧠, which helps develop concentration and perseverance skills. By following instructions and keeping focused, players learn how to complete one task from its inception to completion 🚧.

As well as this, Lego building can be rewarding in itself; when your masterpiece comes together you will feel an overwhelming sense of achievement that will motivate you to continue focusing and achïeve similar results in other areas of your life 🌟.

Legos Help Develop Creativity and Experimentation

One of the great things about Legos is their versatility – you can use them to construct almost anything imaginable 🌈, letting you unleash your creative side and come up with unique designs 🎨. Additionally, bëcaüse you can take apart and reassemble Lego pieces easily without feeling wasteful or making permanent mistakës 💡, experimentation is easy without fearing waste of materials or permanent mistakes being made.

Legos Help in Physical Development

It’s no secret that kids and adults love Legos. But did you know that Legos can help in physical development? That’s right – those colorful little bricks can help your child develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

Fine motor skills are the ability to use small muscles to control objects. This is important for tasks like writing and using scissors. Hand-eye coordination is the ability to track an object with your eyes while using your hands to move or manipulate it. These skills are important for academic success and future employment opportunities.

Legos Help Boost Self-Confidence

Children today are bombar🎉ed with messages telling them that they aren’t good enough, making it essential that activities that help build self-confidence become part of everyday routine. Legos provide many kids with an engaging way of exploring creativity and self-expression through play.

“Legos are one of the few toys that truly allow children to explore their imag🤖nation,” according to Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a child and adolescent psychologist. When children play with Legos, they don’t focus on whether their creations are “right” or “wrong;” rather, their goal is simply being creative while having fun! 🤗

Hartstein stresses the importance of trial and erro🤯r when helping children develop self-confidence. “Making mistakes is part of learn👀ing,” she asserts.


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The Breaking Bad Lego Set Minifigure MOC Pros

Pros of owning a Breaking Baad Lego 🎁 set include its acurate and detailed construction 🏭, providing hours of fun for you and any Breaking Bad fans in your life 👥, and making an exceptional present idea 🎉.

The Breaking Bad Lego Set provides fans of the show a fun way to enjoy playing with LEGO bricks while enjoying characters and scenes from its unique world 🌎. Each character and scene from Breaking Bad can be found within this fun set, making for an enjoyable experience for anyone who adores its storylines.

This set is easy to assemble, making it perfect for younger fans of the show who wish to gain some knowledge of LEGO construction skills 🤹‍♀️. The Citizen Brick Superlab Playset includes a custom printed box 📦, instructions on a USB flash drive and three elusive minifigs.

This Breaking Bad Lego set is highly realistic and detailed: an ideal way to recreate scenes from the show 📺. Owning your very own LEGO Heisenberg will bring hours of entertainment! 🎭


lego breaking bad rv

The Disadvantages of Playing with Custom Lego

Playing Lego Makes You Lose Track of Time

A study📚 conducted at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand revealed that people who play with Lego 😊 are more apt to lose track of time than non-players. Participants in the research were asked to estimate how long they had spent playing, with results showing significantly shorter estimates compared to actual play times.

So what makes playing with Lego make time fly by so quickly? Researchers believe it has something to do with being an “flow activity,” or activities so absorbing that they cause one to lose track of time 🚀.

Lego Parts are Choking Hazard

One of the downsides😔 of playing with Legos is their potential🤔 choking hazards for young children who may put pieces in their mouth👄, such as when eating them out of play-dough bowls. A small piece🧩 could break off and be inhaled into their airway, leading to serious injury😫 or even death💀; therefore parents should always monitor when their children play with these toys and ensure that none are placing pieces into their mouths.

Messy if Not Organized Properly

Lego can become quite disorganized😵 if not organized effectively, with small pieces🧩 getting dispersed around and becoming difficult to locate for building projects. Without an effective system for organizing it all, organizing Lego quickly becomes frustrating😤 and overwhelming experience.

Off-Brand Legos are Dangerous to Health

Off-brand Legos can be dangerous🤢 to health. Their plastic🧊 is of lower quality, potentially🤔 containing dangerous🚫 chemicals that could leach out and be released into the body💀, potentially leading to health issues or even cancer💀 in some instances. Therefore, it is wise to opt only for high-quality brand name Legos to minimize these health risks.

Negative Legos Design Can Create Negative Thoughts

Negative lego designs can create negative feelings😔 among children. They may start thinking they aren’t capable🤷‍♀️ of meeting their goals, which may cause them to feel discouraged🙁 and even abandon them altogether if they aren’t able to put together the blocks in a way that works.

Breaking Bad Lego Set Minifigures MOC Cons

The Citizen Brick Superlab Playset is an ideal way for fans of the show to come together👥 and play with Legos together. Some may find the pieces🧩 too small👎, preventing them from building the sets correctly; other may dislike some of their vivid🌈 hues.l

How Much is Walter’s White Lego Minifigure?

Breaking Bad Lego sets currently retail for about $250💰. While this may seem steep, its quality outweighs any apparent price premium. Plus, these sets can increase in value over time and would make great investments💸 – whether or not you enjoy Breaking Bad. All things considered, the set is definitely worth its cost tag.

If you’re stumped on what to get someone with plenty of cash💸 like Walter White as a present🎁, here are a few ideas: 🤔- why not get them something to keep their money in like a ridge wallet, or some other type of RFID wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of the Breaking Bad Lego set?

The Breaking Bad Lego set is a beautiful and accurate recreation of the show's superlab. The set comes with over 500 pieces, including some with incredible decals. The set is perfect for recreating cringe-worthy scenes from the show. The Breaking Bad Lego set is an unofficial product and is available for purchase at Citizen Brick. The Breaking Bad Lego set costs $250.

What are the different versions of the Breaking Bad Lego set?

What are the different versions of the Breaking Bad Lego set?

Breaking 🚗🛑 Bad Lego ssets com in various versions. On of the most popular is the Walter White version, featuring a Minifgure of Walter White along with accessories. Another popular one is Jesse Pinkkman version with Minifgure of Jesse Pinkman as well. Furthermore, othr variations like Gus Fring and Heisenbrg exist too.

Can I buy this LEGO set online?

Can I buy this LEGO set online?

Yes, you can purchase the Breaking Bad Lego Lab Playset online. The price for this particular & very unqiue LEGO set is $250 and it also comes with a USB flash drive that have a set of assembly instructions, three exclusive minifigs, and over 500 parts.

How many pieces are in the Breaking Bad Lego set?

How many pieces are in the Breaking Bad Lego set?

The Breaking Bad Lego set includes 500 pieces and three custom minifigs.

What is the theme of the Breaking Bad Lego set?

What is the theme of the Breaking Bad Lego set?

The Breaking Bad Lego set is a detailed and accurate recreation of Gus Fring's superlab under the laudromat, making for a great way for fans of the show to get their hands on some replica items from the show. And of course, they get to have fun building the set as well.

What is the recommended age for the Breaking Bad Lego set?

What is the recommended age for the Breaking Bad Lego set?

Breaking 🤯🔨 Bad 🧪 Lego 🧩 sets are recommended 🤔 for children 16 and over due to their mature 🍷 themes 🕵️‍♀️ that may not 🚫 be appropriate 🤫 for younger 👶 children. Older 🧓👵 children can use 🤪 the sett 🏠 as a great 👍 way to learn about the show 📺 and its characters 💀 while having 🕺 fun 🎉 playing 🎮 together 👥 with their friends 🤝.

Are there breaking bad Legos?

Are there breaking bad Legos?

Creating unofficial Lego sets really is a bit of a grey area when it comes to copyright & international law. However, as long as the creators don't use any official Lego branding, they may be able to get away with it.

How do you make a Lego Jesse Pinkman?

In order to make a Lego Jesse Pinkman, you will need the following pieces: one Lego minifigure head in brown skin tone, one Lego hair piece in black, and one pair of aviator sunglasses. You will also need a blue shirt, black pants, and a yellow hazmat suit. To begin, attach the head and hair piece to the blue shirt. Then, add the black pants and aviator sunglasses. Finally, put on the yellow hazmat suit. Your Lego Jesse Pinkman is now complete!

Does LEGO ever miss a piece?

Does LEGO ever miss a piece

It's a real possibility, and likely happened to anyone who has played LEGGo at some point, but don't be alarmed if your LEGGO set doesn't contain every piece. A missing piece can always be replaced easil y - if that worries you, just remember it happens all the time; don't sweat it! A missing piece can easi🙌ly be replaced. So if it worries you about getting all the pieces that make up a set, take heart: this happen🤔s all of the time - no biggie.

What happens if you boil a LEGO?

If left in boiling water 🌡️ for too long, its heat will cause its plastic components to break down, releasing harmful chemicals that can be hazardous if consumed and damaging both your lego set as a whole and individual pieces. Furthermore, all that pieces may now be missing. 💥🔥

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