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Guzzle Buddy Wine Glass

guzzle buddy


Now you can drink straight from the bottle in style!

The Guzzle Buddy turns any wine or beer bottle into a bottle you can drink from.

It’s a16 oz. glass cup that attaches to any regular bottle so you can aerate, pour, and drink like the party animal you really are.

The Book of Unusual Knowledge

the book of unusual knowlege

Never be without a witty quote or anecdote again! Finally there’s a book filled with useless knowledge and information that you can impress other people with.

Why bother to do the research when you can just memorize a couple quick items?

You’ll be the conversationalist of choice at work or the next awkward get together with the in-laws!

A Collection of Exotic Meat Jerky Sticks

exotic meat jerky sticks

Aurora Borealis Mystical Fire

mystical fire

So you can’t afford to take your significant other to see the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights?

Well, now you can satisfy your general love of pyromania while giving her an experience they’ll never forget – for the perfect win-win scenario.

Just throw these magic crystals into a fire, and Voila! Instant Aurora Borealis effect!

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ridge wallet alternative

Featured Products: The Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives Currently On The Market

Ok, we all know that The Ridge wallets are amazing. The problem is that they keep increasing their prices. And that’s why we’ve put together a list to help you find the best ridge wallet alternative on the market so you can get the same functionality, without breaking the bank.

Be sure you check the results of the products we’ve reviewed to find the best rfid wallet here.

Products We've Recently Covered

Personalized Charcuterie Board

Featured Products: The Best Personalized Charcuterie Board for Hosting & Cooking Enthusiasts

Having amazing food and drinks is just one part of throwing an incredible event, as without great presentation everything will fall flat.

Take your hosting to the next level with this incredible personalized charcuterie board that’s sure to get you all kinds of compliments.